Week 9: Jacob Wrestling, and the Story of Dinah


Genesis 32-36 (Jacob wrestles the divine; Jacob and Esau reunite; the encounter between Dinah and Shechem and the revenge/treachery of the sons of Jacob)


What does it mean to “struggle with God”?

What really happened in Shechem?

A big week: Jacob wrestles with some kind of divine being, and his daughter Dinah has an encounter with the prince of Shechem that her brothers interpret as a defilement or rape.

[More on this coming later. Sorry, behind a week!]


The Red Tent [[trailer for the incredibly dramatic Lifetime miniseries starring Minnie Driver]]


Will we ever know what happened, if we never get Dinah’s side of the story?

Image source: Courtesy of Michael Swan, Flickr.

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