Week 6: Abraham, the Chosen People, and the Binding of Isaac


Genesis 12–24 (Abraham, the Chosen People, and the Binding of Isaac)


Why must faith be tested to be believed?

From Isaac to Christ — why is child sacrifice such a theme?

Circumcision. What’s the deal?

Belial challenged us to consider the testing of faith alongside the implications of the Abraham narrative regarding circumcision, gender, naming/transformation, and the idea of the “chosen people.” Along the way we dove into nakedness, the miracle of life, and the fickleness of God. Are we moving from physical memes to abstract memes? Does the nation of Israel have a founding trauma, as Michael suggests? Is God “fleshy,” as Gabriel asks? And what are we to make of the fact that Abraham doesn’t hesitate for a moment when he’s called upon to draw blood? It’s gnarly.

Read on… or skip to the Takeaway and/or Gems from the Chat.

[Full Summary Coming Soon!]


Rituals inscribe memory, but also may reinscribe trauma? Both ethics and reproduction make society possible. What shape does a society’s ethics take when its God’s motives can never be known or even estimated?

Gems from the Chat

Red shirts are dangerous in exploration scenarios #startrekjoke


Abram was the first to actually be like yo god r u sure I’m way too old for kids rn


God doesn’t want humans to have a bigger penis than Him


Are any of you going to use Rebecca’s wedding vows? “Love is patient and love is kind” is nice and all, but what about “May your descendants conquer the cities of their enemies”


can we talk about the pillar of salt moment


Image source: Jehovah’s Witnesses. (Creative Commons! Heh.)

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